What is Outsideways?

The Short Version

Outsideways is an outdoor adventure journaling community. A place for outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers to gather and share their stories. A place for friends, family, and worried mothers to follow the journey. Think of it as a mashup of microblogging and social media, but strictly on the topic of outdoor adventuring.

The Details

To best serve the needs of the outdoors community, user content is organized along several facets:

  • Journals: Journals are the primary place where members post content. A journal represents a specific topic. It might chronicle the story of a specific trip, or be an ongoing log of entries about an activity enjoyed regularly. There are no rules about what goes into a journal (apart from the overall outdoor adventure theme), and members can create as many as they like. More is better.
  • Activities: Activities are the human powered endeavours that put the smiles on our faces. Maybe it is hiking, kayaking, cycling, or rock climbing. When a member creates a journal, they can specify one or more activities that the journal will feature. By categorizing a journal in this fashion, it helps people who enjoy the same activities find each other.
  • Routes: Routes are the paths, roads, circuits, rivers, etc. that provide the backdrop for our stories. When a member creates a journal, they can specify a route. By adding a route to a journal, it helps other adventure seekers who are interested in the same to find each other.
  • Checkpoints: Often times routes have known points of interest. It might be a trail head, a campsite, a water source, or some other location. When members post journal entries, they can "check-in" at a known checkpoint (or enter their own if it doesn't yet exist). Doing this lets mom know where you are, or tells those who live vicariously through your exploits, all the places they are missing out on.

By registering as a member of Outsideways (it is simple and free!), you can choose to follow other members, journals, activities, routes, or checkpoints. Following something means that journal entries posted in that category will be displayed in a feed, lovingly crafted just for you. Additionally, following other members means that you will also be notified when they create a new journal. It's the best way to not miss out.

This is just the beginning, we have a lot more features planned. Stay tuned for future updates!

Backpacking New Hampshire

The Backstory

My name is Damien Tougas (a.k.a. toesalad). In 2014 my family and I completed a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail. We chronicled our journey through a video series called Beyond our Boundaries. We went into that adventure anticipating that it would change our lives. Boy did it ever. In ways we totally didn't expect... but that is a topic for another day.

While out on the trail, experiencing the unique community that exists around trail life, and spending six months living out of a backpack, I had an idea: What this world needs is a social/journaling site, geared towards the outdoors, without the irrelevant fluff found in "those other" social media sites. I don't want to wade through posts about silly pet tricks and political flame wars to find the good posts about people doing cool and inspirational stuff. I can't be the only one who feels this way.

Since nothing like that really exists, I decided to create it. What you see here is my labour of love. Bootstrapped in my spare time without any external funding, but with the generous help of a few good friends.

Outdoors folks are different. They march to the beat of a different drum. They need a different venue. Let's create it together!