Downloading Your Data

Any journals you create can be downloaded, in their entirety, at any time. The journal download page can be accessed via the My Account link on your profile page, or under Settings on one of your journals.

What Data is Exported?

All data is exported from your journal, in a neat and organized fashion. This includes:

  • Photos (in original size and format)
  • Journal entries (including date, time, location, etc.)
  • GPS tracks
  • Uploaded files
  • Spot tracks

Have a suggestion as to how to improve the data we export? Let us know!

Exporting a Journal

Before you can download a journal, the data must be exported. The journal export form can be found at the bottom of the journal download page (referenced above). To export a journal, select it from the list and click on Export journal. This will initiate the journal export process.

Depending on how much data is contained in your journal, this process could take some time. The export process happens in the background, you can leave the page and come back to it at any time.

Downloading a Journal

Once a journal has been exported, it will show-up in the download list with a Download link. Click this link to download a zip archive of your journal data.

Journal downloads are available for a period of seven days after they have been created. You can re-create them at any time.

Other Considerations

  • Journal data is exported in JSON format. We plan on making other formats available in the future.
  • Changes made to a journal after exporting, will not be reflected in an existing download. If you make a change to a journal and want to have that change in your download, you will need to export the journal again.