Introducing Outsideways Plus+

After over two years of steady development and field testing Outsideways as an outdoor adventure journalling platform, we are excited to announce a new enhanced version we are calling Outsideways Plus+.

What is Outsideways Plus+?

Outsideways Plus+ is a paid upgrade that brings additional features to your account. Features that make journaling on-the-go easier, especially in situations where you may not have easy access to a computer or the Internet. These features include:

  • Posting journal entries via email: send entries to your journal via email, even while you are offline.
  • Posting journal entries via text-message: send entries to your journal by sending a simple text message.
  • Spot GPS tracker integration: Connect your Spot GPS tracker to your journal so that your journal's map is updated in real time.

All features include full privacy and security settings so that you can keep your information private, protected, or public, as you see fit.

These features are just the beginning. We have more in the works and on the drawing board. Stay tuned!

Other Ways to Support Us

If you don't care about the new features, maybe because you are just a casual reader, or don't need them at this point, there are still ways you can help us out:

  1. Buy us a coffee! Send a few bucks our way to top up our coffee fund and help fuel the continued development work we do.

  2. Help spread the word. Tell your friends, share a link on social media or your blog, or put a placard in front of your house. Every little bit helps, and we really appreciate it!

To the Future!

We are very pleased with how far we have come in the last two years, and are excited for where things are headed. Continue to watch this space for more news and announcements as we continue towards our goal of making the best platform for adventure journalling!

As always, we welcome your thoughts and suggestions. If you have something to say, please get in touch!

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