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One Day a Week - 2018

  • updated Aug 12, 2018
When I am not doing the bigger trips, I try to get out and enjoy outdoor activity at least once a week, no matter where I am. This journal is for random snapshots of my weekly micro adventures ...

Gear Geekery

  • updated Aug 7, 2018
This journal chronicles my thoughts, discoveries, acquisitions (or divestiture), and critiques of the gear I use on my adventures.
  • 10 Entries
After being thwarted by... issues... on my previous attempt at this section, I return with renewed determination (and new underwear). This time, because I did not have the luxury of a vehicle to pick me up at the ...
Earlier this year I discovered a long distance hiking trail in Quebec that I hadn't heard of before: the Sentier National. This trip is my first shot at backpacking a section of it. I am starting in the ...

Pâques 2018

  • updated Apr 5, 2018
Les Randonnées du Pèlerin (i.e. Pilgrim Hikes) is a Quebec Christian organization that offer spiritual pilgrimages/retreats through an outdoor activity. We recently got to know the founders of the organization, and thought what they are doing is pretty ...
  • 10 Entries
  • Parc régional de la Forêt Ouareau
  • Snowshoeing

One Day a Week - 2017

  • updated Jan 1, 2018
The family tradition continues... since 2006 our family has attempted to spend one entire day per week outdoors together doing something active. These are random snapshots of those micro adventures from 2017. #onedayaweek
  • 41 Entries
  • Anything human powered

The 2017 North American Tour

  • updated Aug 25, 2017
A 9 week family road trip that includes Colorado, Nevada, California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, and Alberta with (hopefully) lots of outdoor adventures along the way.
After landing in Reno to visit with @Amelia and do some backpacking in the Sierras, we have learned that the huge snow year is going to make things difficult for us. We have decided to attempt something with ...

One Day a Week - 2016

  • updated Dec 31, 2016
Our family has developed a ritual: attempt to spend one entire day per week outdoors together doing something active. These are randoms snapshots of those micro adventures in 2016. #onedayaweek
  • 25 Entries
  • All manner of things

3 Days in the Adirondacks

  • updated Sep 30, 2016
This trip marks a number of firsts for @reneetougas and I... It is our first in the Adirondacks of NY. Since moving to Montreal just over a year ago, we have been slowly getting to know the outdoors ...

Bunsen Peak

  • updated Jul 25, 2016
Hike #4 of our 2016 Montana trip: The last hike of our trip, we leave for Alberta tomorrow. We had a big group for this hike, our family (five of us) my business partner Martin, his son, a ...
  • 12 Entries
  • Bunsen Peak, WY
  • Hiking

Pine Creek Trail

  • updated Jul 17, 2016
Hike #3 of our 2016 Montana trip: As my knee has slowly started to heal, we decided to embark on more epic day hike: Pine Creek Trail just outside of Livingston, MT. This hike took us through beautiful ...
  • 13 Entries
  • Pine Creek Trail, MT
  • Hiking

West Boulder Trail

  • updated Jul 10, 2016
Hike #2 of our 2016 Montana trip: Today the weather was going to be potentially sketchy at higher elevations, so we decided to try something a little more sheltered. We did a 10 mile hike (5 miles out-and-back) ...
  • 9 Entries
  • West Boulder Trail, MT
  • Hiking

Passage Creek Falls

  • updated Jul 9, 2016
Hike #1 of our 2016 Montana trip: This is a short 6 mile round-trip hike over relatively flat terrain in Montana's Absaroka Range. This is the first hike I have been on since my traverse of the Presidentials. ...
  • 6 Entries
  • Passage Falls, MT
  • Hiking

Traverse of the Presidentials

  • updated Jul 7, 2016
A south to north traverse of New Hampshire's Presidential range. The last time I was here was in 2014 on our thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail. This time around we will be doing something completely different, and taking ...