Posting Journal Entries via Email

This feature is available to Plus+ members only.

Setting-up Your Account

The email address you use to send journal entries must be registered with your account. You can associate one (or more) email addresses with your account in your profile settings here. If you try to send a journal entry using a non-registered email address, it will not work.

Finding the Email Address for Your Journal

Each journal you create has a unique email address for posting journal entries. A typical address will look like this:

where XXXXXXX is a random string of letters and numbers. To find the email address for a journal, navigate to the journal's settings page. The email address will be listed along with the other details of your journal.

Journal Entry Date

The default behavior for determining the date for your journal entry is as follows: The date of the attached image will be used as the date for your journal entry. If you do not attach an image, or if the image does not have a date, the date the email message was sent will be used as the date for your journal entry.

To set a specific date for your journal entry, add a hashtag to the body of the message that looks like this: #date(yyyy-mm-dd) or #date(yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm). The tags will be stripped out of the journal entry prior to publishing.

Security and Privacy

By default, journal entries sent via email will assume the visibility settings of the journal, and the location information will be private. It is possible, however, to override those settings by including one or more of the following hashtags in the body of the message:

  • To set the journal entry as unpublished:
    • #unpublished
  • To set the visibility:
    • #protected
    • #private
  • To set the location visibility:
    • #location-public
    • #location-protected

If any of these hashtags are found in a message, they will not be shown in the body of your journal entry.

To learn more about what these settings mean, please read our help section on Security and Privacy.

Other Considerations

  • The subject line of the email message is ignored.
  • You can write text, attach an image, or both.
  • If you attach more than one image, the first image encountered will be used in the journal entry, all other images will be ignored.
  • All non-image attachments will be ignored.