Our family's annual summer camping trip. We don't always go to the same place every year, and this year, we are headed to the Finger Lakes, a new destination for me, even though I grew up in Upstate ...
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My favorite time of year is autumn in the Pacific Northwest. Spring would take second place, but there is something about the feeling of winding down after a busy summer and getting ready for a long winter, that ...

Two Wheel View Bike Trip

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  • updated Jun 2, 2017
An exchange trip by Two Wheel View. A one week trip going from Montreal to Marieville. And another one week trip from Calgary to Banff.
As we drove south getting closer to the Mexican border we finally arrived at our destination, Madera Canyon. Our friend Leo met us at the parking lot and told us he knew a great way up to Mt ...
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Took a 3 day motorcycle trip at the end of April following some of the coast lines of Nova Scotia. Felt so good to shed winter and actually be able to ride again.
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When we were preparing back for the Appalachian Trail in 2014 we had no idea the amount of time it takes to build a good Support system. We went into our thru-hike with a stubborn attitude, ready to ...
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These are my random musings as I walk along the PCT.
This weekend just before I head out to the PCT, I got a few miles in with some friends in a spur of the moment hike at Smith.


Welcome to Kilimanjaro Trekking Guides Have you ever wanted to go on an eco-adventure of a lifetime? Maybe climb the tallest single standing mountain in the world? Or go on a Safari that you will never forget? At ...
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