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Paddling - 2016

Paddling in my kayak fills me up, is a place of meditation, gives me a feeling of strength and vitality. Whether it’s a short trip on the LaHave River where I live or longer excursion combined with camping ...


test journal
On our last day in Montana we did an easy hike with friends in the northern part of Yellowstone National Park. It was another stunning day of beautiful views.

PCT Thru-Hike 2017

Journal for my 2017 thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail, 2660 miles from Mexico to Canada. Current status: slowly getting ready to go. Starting from the Mexican border April 22nd!


Most of our skiing is in the Montreal area. We have a season's pass for mid-week skiing at Bromont, and we aim to ski once a week through the winter as a family. I also love cross-country skiing ...
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Snow and Ice

Overnight adventures in the snow, preferably with an ice axe.

SWCP - Jan 2017

630 hilly miles along the South West Coast Path, self-support and camping. Training and kit tester for the Appalachian Trail in April.
Backpacking with @toesalad in the presidentials

Jolly hikes to Canada

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I celebrated our ‘Nova Scotia heritage day’ February 20th with a snow shoeing group on a trail new to me. I was told that in ...


inspired by the Ski hill, Pin Rouge, with windmills in the background.


A forest of skis. This is the scene that has greeted us outside or door this week. A scene that gives me great satisfaction to ...