One Day a Week - 2017

The family tradition continues... since 2006 our family has attempted to spend one entire day per week outdoors together doing something active. These are randoms snapshots of those micro adventures from 2017. #onedayaweek
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Devil's Playground

Summer of 2012 - Climbed to Devil's Playground using the NW trailhead. Due to early inclement weather (rain/hail) we started back down without going to the peak of Pike's.
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  • Pike's Peak NW Route
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One Day a Week - 2016

Our family has developed a ritual: attempt to spend one entire day per week outdoors together doing something active. These are randoms snapshots of those micro adventures in 2016. #onedayaweek
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Our family is spending a year exploring some of the countries in Europe -- and maybe Europe adjacent. It's not all outdoors, but we hope to get lots of outdoor time into the mix.
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Hiking Treasures

My husband and I moved to the Maritimes in 2007 (Nova Scotia, Canada). We are gradually discovering multiple-day back country hikes and are having fun exploring new trails. The most recent was the Fundy Footpath, starting the evening ...
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  • Fundy Footpath, Big Salmon River to Fundy National Park
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In Nova Scotia, Canada, we get snow. Where we live on the South Shore, close to the Atlantic, the snow is usually heavy with moisture. The “dump” is often followed by rain, which turns into ice when the ...
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  • Blomidon Provincial Park, NS, Cda. Overlooking New Minas Basin
  • Snowshoeing
A journal for my random outings around Maine and New Hampshire (mostly), moving along by foot, pedal, or paddle.

Cuba Adventures

First time visit to Cuba. Excited to explore and share our adventures.
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My husband and I have lived in the Maritimes (Nova Scotia, Canada) since 2007. It’s taking some time to discover multiple-day back country hikes - but they are here and the ones we have experienced have been great! ...
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  • Fundy Footpath West to East
  • Backpacking
This trip marks a number of firsts for @reneetougas and I... It is our first in the Adirondacks of NY. Since moving to Montreal just over a year ago, we have been slowly getting to know the outdoors ...



First day on the bike this year, moseying around South Portland with Hans (testing out his new bike, which will be used on a trans-US ...


Sunday River Whitecap, one of the highlights of the Grafton Loop Trail, is not very easy to get to in winter (even if it was ...


"Much after a beginning is difficult, as anybody knows who has crossed the sea, and as for the first step a man never so much ...