A 2009 car-camping weekend at Grand Manan with @toesalad, @reneetougas, @celine , @mypictograph , and @brienne inspired @hammerhead and I to one day return with backpacks and trekking poles - including a revisit to Hole in the Wall ...
One of my favorite things about Montreal is all the bike lanes and easy access cycling routes.
Some entries for my summer 2017 outdoor outings.

Kayaking 2017

Perfect conditions for 3-day paddling trip in Kejimkujik National Park: clear sky, no wind, kindred spirit friend sharing the fun.
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  • Kejimkujik Lake, Nova Scotia, Canada
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U.K. Walks 2017

"Gentlemen's Backpacking" in Scotland and England.
On our west coast road trip summer 2017 we spent 3 weeks staying on our friend's boat in San Francisco Bay. Most of the time we lived on the boat, in its berth at Berkeley Marina, but one ...
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  • San Francisco Bay
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We didn't see the lake but we appreciated the inexpensive campsite near the border of Utah and Nevada. I love the National Forests.
These photos are from the wing-mounted camera on my C172, taken as I explore the beautiful mountains of Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado.
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Hikerbox Special and I attempted the Wind River High Route over 8 days in late July. The snow levels in the Winds had been much higher than usual this year, so even at the end of this trip ...
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Pacific Crest Trail 2018

My second attempt at thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, after breaking my foot after 600 miles in 2017. Fingers crossed!