I’ve registered my start date with the Appalachian Trail Conservency from Amicalola Falls approach trail for March 21, 2018. That means I am 54 days away from the most exciting adventure of my life.
I have several large trips planned for 2019 and many more 2 to 6 day backcountry adventures throughout Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia and beyond. I will post each trip this season under this journal entry.

Pct journey

It's quite amazing to think I will be starting at thru-hike and 32 days. March 9th 7 a.m. baby.

Continental Divide Trail

The Continental Divide National Scenic Trail (CDT) is a United States National Scenic Trail running 3,100 miles (5,000 km) between Mexico and Canada. It follows the Continental Divide of the Americas along the Rocky Mountains and traverses five ...

AT Thru-Hike 2019 NOBO

We are Nannette German (Happy) and Ed German (Lucky) hiking northbound on the AT.

Colombia 2017

2 months travelling through Colombia with my friend and fellow unschooler, Parker aka Punchy.

Plans go Awry

Going back even before Thanksgiving of 2016, I began to plan a very adventurous 2017. My plan was to begin at the end of February hiking the 78 mile Foothills Trail in the upstate of South Carolina. I ...


Welcome to Kilimanjaro Trekking Guides Have you ever wanted to go on an eco-adventure of a lifetime? Maybe climb the tallest single standing mountain in the world? Or go on a Safari that you will never forget? At ...
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Who knew that this was going to be so hard to organize for. The food, the gear, the mail drops, the camera gear for the weekly updates and the end documentary. Not much happening now as we have ...
As we drove south getting closer to the Mexican border we finally arrived at our destination, Madera Canyon. Our friend Leo met us at the parking lot and told us he knew a great way up to Mt ...
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