Continental Divide Trail

The Continental Divide National Scenic Trail (CDT) is a United States National Scenic Trail running 3,100 miles (5,000 km) between Mexico and Canada. It follows the Continental Divide of the Americas along the Rocky Mountains and traverses five ...

The Hombres

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North & South Carolina

My parents were born and raised in a small town in northern California, and after living for some years in a southern California beach town, they retired and moved across the country to the foothills of South Carolina, ...
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One Day a Week - 2018

When I am not doing the bigger trips, I try to get out and enjoy outdoor activity at least once a week, no matter where I am. This journal is for random snapshots of my weekly micro adventures ...

Random Randonée

Randonée is a french word for hiking. This is an on-going journal of day hiking and small hiking trips mostly in the southern Quebec and northern New England (near our home in Montreal) but also some hikes in ...
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Day Hikes - 2018

Getting out there and doing day hikes: short and long, old and new.
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Super quick day trip to escape the Big Mango. A three and a half hour drive each way, but it didn't fit into our weekend to stay overnight this time. There is a lot to do in this ...
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The Swaggin Trail

We are starting to explore the Sentier National in the Laurentians and Lanaudière regions of Quebec, just north Montreal. This section of the trail starts at Route du Lac-Clair and ends at Refuge Swaggin. It's a 16 km ...

Gear Talk

A little journal of reviews of gear I recommend from our thru hike of the CDT and other trips. May or may not also include reviews of gear I most definitely do not recommend.

Cape Breton Highlands-

As a member of Hike Nova Scotia I am attending a hiking summit at Celtic Lodge in the Cape Breton Highlands.
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