New Feature: Maps Now Support GPS Tracks

We just launched the second phase of journal mapping features: the ability to upload and import GPS tracks to your journals.

You can upload as many as you like. You can label them, change the colours, set fine-grained visibility permissions (as described in our last post on security an privacy), and whether or not they are displayed on your journal map by default.

That means if you are taking a multi-day (or multi-week, or multi-month...) trip, and you have a pile of GPS tracks, you can upload, label, and colour them differently on your map. We think this is a really cool feature, and it scales well for longer trips.

To see an example of what this looks like, you can check out the map for my 2017 day trips journal. On that page, below the map, is a list of GPS tracks. Click on the view icon to the left of the track to display it on the map.

Thoughts, comments, or suggestions? Let us know what you think, either in the comments, or via our contact form. We love to hear your feedback!

In Beta: Spot Integration

We are currently developing an integration with Spot GPS trackers. If you have a Spot GPS tracker and would like to participate in the development and testing of this feature, please get in touch and let us know.

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