New Feature: Powerful Security and Privacy Controls

We have been hard at work making things more awesome around here. As a web developer and outdoors adventurer I think these changes are significant and they are a foundation for the future features we have planned. These latest changes will provide you with powerful security features and will take your Outsideways journals to the next level.

One of the primary goals of Outsideways is to provide a platform for outdoor journals. Think of it like a digital version of a Molesine, a notebook, or field book. A place to collect all the interesting information from your adventure in one place. This could include photos, text, GPS coordinates, weather information, etc.

One of the ways Outsideways excels beyond a traditional paper journal is that it has community, social, and sharing facets. We recognize however that there are often things that you would never want anyone to see or read. Or there may be some things that you only want close friends to see. Or maybe just your mom.

In order to give journallers the confidence they need to use Outsideways for storing all their data, we have released a number of security and privacy enhancements that make journals a powerful data collection and sharing platform.

So, what are these changes?

Journals can now be designated as public, protected, or private.

Public journals can be viewed by anyone, protected journals can only be viewed by approved followers, and private journals are only visible to the creator. This means that journals are not just for public blogs. They can be for private and personal records as well.

Individual journal entries can now be designated as public, protected, or private.

This means that, for public journals, individual entries can have specific visibility settings. So... if you only want your mom (or close friends) to see specific entries in a public journal, you can now do that. And, if you have some journal entries that even mom can't see, you can make those private.

Location visibility settings can be set independent from the journal entry visibility settings.

That means a public journal entry can have a protected or private location. So, for example, if on your epic European cycling trip you want the world to read your posts, but you only want your mom to know where you are, then you can set the location to protected. Of course if you don't want mom to know the location where you took THAT photo, you can set its location as private.

Hopefully you get the picture. We now have much more flexible security settings that allow you to achieve the privacy you need while journalling everything you want. More details can be found in our help section here.

As always, we are open to feedback. Please let us know what you think in the comments, and if you require help with any of our features, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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