East Cape Cycle

A 2 week cycle around the East Cape on the North Island of New Zealand starting and finishing in Rotorua.


We ride bikes, hike, and travel. This journal is to record our bicycle rides.
​Springtime in Texas has usually meant a short self-contained bike tour on gravel roads somewhere near Clifton, Texas. This year Ronnie Bryant created a 6-day tour full of gravel at the top of the Texas Hill Country. We ...


Kanchanaburi is a rural province west of Bangkok that borders Myanmar (Burma. ) It contains some gorgeous national parks full of jungle, caves, waterfalls, and wildlife. It also is home of Hellfire Pass WWII Memorial Museum. The museum ...

Summer in the City 2018

A journal of our outdoor adventures, mostly hiking/walking and cycling, in Montreal this summer.

Amazing Thailand

Our family thrives on outdoor adventures. Here's a place where I can share how we escape Bangkok's concrete jungle on the weekends and holidays.

Cycling in the City

One of my favorite things about Montreal is all the bike lanes and easy access cycling routes.
Some entries for my summer 2017 outdoor outings.
Day one: 40km ride with @hammerhead on rolling hills through Lawrencetown and other farming communities, occasionally sharing the road with slow-moving machinery. Did a loop beginning and ending in Middleton - starting on the #221 to Paradise where ...
I’ll always be thankful to my oldest brother who taught me how to ride a bike! There have been gaps in my cycling history but in my lifetime of 60+ years my two-wheeler was necessary to get to ...
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  • PEI Cda, ferry to Magdelan Isles, QC, Cda and return.
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