Manicouagan Reservoir (also Lake Manicouagan) is an annular lake in central Quebec, Canada, covering an area of 1,942 km2 (750 sq mi). The lake island in its centre is known as René-Levasseur Island, and its highest point is ...
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New Zealand - North Island

Our 20th Anniversary - 10 days - no kids - cold weather. Super excited for what lies ahead, such as glow worm caves, snow skiing (will be heaven after living in a city that hovers around 35-40 degrees ...
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Joining three hiking friends to explore the longest hiking route that encircles the Kejimkujik National Park.
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Appalachian Trail northbound beginning 10 March 2019.
Adventure with a mission to work with others to help others.
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Buckeye Trail Section Hike

This Memorial Day, 2018 I've decided to section hike the Buckeye Trail, which is a 1,444 mile trail around the entire state of Ohio. The Buckeye Trail is a portion of the American Discovery Trail, which traverses ...

Hiking Treasures

My husband and I moved to the Maritimes in 2007 (Nova Scotia, Canada). Thanks to our family @reneetougas and @toesalad and their three-some who then lived in Maine , US, we discovered the pleasures of spending time with ...
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  • Fundy Footpath, Big Salmon River to Fundy National Park
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Hiking Lazzaro’s

Family of five with a desire to see the beauty of this crazy world!
February 14 is the launch date! I will be headed up the stairs at Amicalola and the Approach Trail to Springer. My hike is a 20-year long dream and it is becoming reality! While hiking I will be ...

Family Expeditions

Only slightly overstating, because anything with kids is an expedition. This is the place where I journal our family activities in the outdoors. Could be anything between cuty to epic, anywhere between the backcountry and the city, any ...