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In 2017, I (Tom, aka "meathead"), will humbly attempt to thru hike the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT): 2650 miles From the Mexican border to Canada Through California, Oregon and Washington 6 million steps 490,000 feet elevation gain (and ...
February 14 is the launch date! I will be headed up the stairs at Amicalola and the Approach Trail to Springer. My hike is a 20-year long dream and it is becoming reality! While hiking I will be ...

Epic motorbike. cross country 2018

  • updated Jul 17, 2018
Trip of a lifetime across North America connecting with my past
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  • Across Canada
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Continental Divide Trail 2018

  • updated Oct 15, 2018
Two Australians trying to thru-hike the CDT in 2018

Buckeye Trail Section Hike

  • updated Jan 27, 2019
This Memorial Day, 2018 I've decided to section hike the Buckeye Trail, which is a 1,444 mile trail around the entire state of Ohio. http://buckeyetrail.org/ The Buckeye Trail is a portion of the American Discovery Trail, which traverses ...

Section Hike Vermont Long Trail

  • updated Sep 23, 2018
In celebration of their 45th wedding anniversary, @karentogo and @hammerhead invited @reneetougas and @toesalad to join them for a two week section hike of the Vermont Long Trail. The Trek will be happening from September 8 thru September ...

Hiking Lazzaro’s

  • updated Oct 7, 2018
Family of five with a desire to see the beauty of this crazy world!

Random Randonée

  • updated Sep 3, 2021
Randonée is a french word for hiking. This is an on-going journal of day hiking and small hiking trips mostly in the southern Quebec and northern New England (near our home in Montreal) but also some hikes in ...
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Ski Season 2019

  • updated May 8, 2019
In 2011 I started my love affair with skiing while we were living on the Gaspe Peninsula. I had done some alpine skiing (downhill) as a child in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, and after a 25 year ...
Super quick day trip to escape the Big Mango. A three and a half hour drive each way, but it didn't fit into our weekend to stay overnight this time. There is a lot to do in this ...
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