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I think that no matter how fit you are, a thru-hike is difficult. What we found on our thru-hike is that it is never (or rarely) physical fitness and conditioning that prevent people from being able to complete. It is largely a mental game, so if you can win that battle, you will have a good chance of making it through.

Regarding physical conditioning... you don't need to be in top shape in order to start. You just need to pace yourself. Gradually build up your mileage and your fitness to the level it needs to be. When we started out on the AT, we started at 8 - 10 miles a day. Then each week we gradually added a bit more mileage, so on week 2 we were doing 9 - 11. By the end of the hike we were doing 20 - 24. What you don't want is an injury from going to hard too soon. There absolutely is hope that you can hit the daily mileage you will need to finish. Just take your time getting there!

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