Last year four of us did the first half of the Long Trail, starting at the southern terminus and working our way north to Middlebury Gap as the rough half-way point. This year I will be (hopefully) finishing ...
Appalachian Trail northbound beginning 10 March 2019.
Desperate for a break from the city, my family and work responsibilities, and needing some solitude and silence for myself I planned this backcountry ski trip, kind of last minute, for the end winter. After being out in ...
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AT Thru Hike 2019

This journal will document the sights and thoughts as I hike northbound along the Appalachian Trail

Buckeye Trail Section Hike

This Memorial Day, 2018 I've decided to section hike the Buckeye Trail, which is a 1,444 mile trail around the entire state of Ohio. The Buckeye Trail is a portion of the American Discovery Trail, which traverses ...

Hiking Treasures

My husband and I moved to the Maritimes in 2007 (Nova Scotia, Canada). Thanks to our family @reneetougas and @toesalad and their three-some who then lived in Maine , US, we discovered the pleasures of spending time with ...
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  • Fundy Footpath, Big Salmon River to Fundy National Park

Gear Talk

A little journal of reviews of gear I recommend from our thru hike of the CDT and other trips. May or may not also include reviews of gear I most definitely do not recommend.
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Two Australians trying to thru-hike the CDT in 2018
The Long Trail has interested @hammerhead and me for several years - a year ago we decided hiking this trail would be a great way to celebrate our 45th wedding anniversary (October 19). Inviting along @toesalad and @reneetougas ...
This journal will follow my journey as I move towards my thru hike of the AT in 2019. It will cover the good, bad, and ugly as I stumble through my preparation.