What's Old is New: RSS Feeds Now Enabled Throughout

Our latest feature is a bit of a geeky one (and a bit old-school as far as the web goes): we now have RSS feeds throughout the site. If you are like me and prefer to consume news updates via a feed reader, keep tabs on the latest in online adventure journals by subscribing to one or more of our feeds.

Journal Spotlight: Guthook's U.K. Walks


Every so often, when we see a journal that is particularly inspiring to us, we will highlight it here to let you know about it. The first journal to receive this honor is Guthooks's U.K. Walks 2017. Guthook's trip (currently in progress) has taken him on the West Highland Way, and now on the Coast to Coast walk. The photos are beautiful, the journal is an easy read, and, best of all, it makes us want to be there.

A Smartphone App and a Road Trip


It has been a while since I posted an update. It is not that there hasn't been much noteworthy going on, on the contrary, there has been a ton of stuff happening lately, I just haven't had the time to talk about it. The two big things happening right now are: We are working on an Outsideways smartphone app, and we are embarking on a road trip.

A Pile of New Features in Beta

Just in time for your upcoming summer adventures! Over the last several months I have been working feverishly on a bunch of features that are not ready for prime-time yet, but are available to anyone who would like to try them out. These features are designed to make the journalling process easier while out in the field. They include: Post by email, post via text messaging, Spot GPS tracker integration, and scheduled posts.

New Feature: Maps Now Support GPS Tracks

We just launched the second phase of journal mapping features: the ability to upload and import GPS tracks to your journals. You can upload as many as you like. You can label them, change the colours, set fine-grained visibility permissions, and more...

New Feature: Powerful Security and Privacy Controls

One of the ways Outsideways excels beyond a traditional paper journal is that it has community, social, and sharing facets. We recognize however that there are often things that you would never want anyone to see or read. In order to give journallers the confidence they need to use Outsideways for storing all their data, we have released a number of security and privacy enhancements that make journals a powerful data collection and sharing platform.

New Feature: Maps - Phase 1

I have just released the first, of potentially many phases of mapping features at Outsideways. This has been a long time coming, and is just the beginning. As they say, you have to start somewhere! If a journal entry has a photo with location data attached to it, that location information can now be seen on a map.

New Feature: Text Formatting

In a few months thousands of thru-hikers will begin their long journeys along the Appalachian Trail (AT), Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), and Continental Divide Trail (CDT). We are elated that some of those hikers have decided to use Outsideways as their journalling platform of choice for their treks, and look forward to supporting them in any way we can so they can share there stories. Thanks to the valuable feedback of one of those members, I am pleased to announce that Outsideways now supports a limited subset of Markdown for formatting journal entries.

A Family Thru-Hikes the Appalachian Trail


In 2014 our family thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail and did a video series of the trip, as we went. By the time it was complete we had a 24 part video series documenting the trip, with its highs, lows, and everything in between. Up until recently, the only way to watch the series was to purchase or rent it on Vimeo. I am very pleased to announce that the entire series is now being released for free on YouTube.

New Feature: Embed your Profile, Journals, and Journal Entries

Do you have a personal blog, or website? Do you ever wish you could share content from Outsideways on your blog? You can now embed journal entries, journals, and member profiles on websites that you own and/or manage.